The Original Dually Buddy  
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The Original Dually Buddy

Dually Buddy Information

The Original Dually Buddy is the first tool of its kind, designed by technicians. Our patented design will handle all of your dual wheel applications.  Don't be fooled by imitators, our tool is used daily by hundreds of  technicians.

Dually Buddy is a specially designed tool to make removing frozen or stuck on dual rear rims a breeze.  This unique tool allows mechanics to remove stuck on rims on all types of dual wheeled vehicles including trucks, vans, buses and RV’s within minutes.


  1. 1 Pusher
  2. 1 Small Puller
  3. 1 Large Puller
  4. 1 Ball Joint Bolt

Using your Dually Buddy

Always use protective equipment.

Step 1) Begin by use penetration oil around and between the inner hub.

Step 2) Remove lug nuts leaving 2 lug nuts loosely attached to rim to prevent tire from falling to the ground.

Step 3) Attach Puller (large or small depending on size of rim) to the bolt, attach Pusher to the end of the bolt. Insert tool into the rim opening and rest the Pusher on the inner rim and hand tighten the Puller against the outer rim.

Step 4) Using your impact driver begin to drive the bolt to loosen the rim. After the initial drive, rotate the tool 180 degrees and begin the process again.

Continue until the rim is removed.

  • Once outer rim is removed begin the process from the step 1 this time use the Pusher on the rotor. Remember to reinstall 2 lug nuts to prevent the tire from falling when finally loosened.

  • Do NOT over stress the tool. If you are having trouble loosening rim, try using an impact hammer to shock around the rim.
  • Watch our instructional videos on YouTube.

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