the guide buddy

guide buddy dually broken exhaust manifold studs

Guide Buddy


Guide Buddy is a tool used to remove broken exhaust manifold bolts. It is an 8-piece kit made from heat-treated steel and used every day by automotive technicians. Guide Buddy will fit all makes and models and assures an accurately centered hole in broken bolts even if the bolt is broken flush, recessed or broken at an angle. 


• 1 Stabilizing Rail

• 3 Bushings (6mm, 8mm, 10mm)

• 4 Drill Guides (3/32, 5/32, 1/8, 1/16) 

• 1 Instruction Booklet

What you will need (not included):

• Eye protection, Ear protection, Mechanic gloves, Drill, Drill Bits, Extractor kit, Ratchet Wrench

Before using this tool read the manual and always use proper safety equipment. 

Using your Guide Buddy:

Always use protective equipment.

Step 1) Determine, which size Bushing, is needed. Secure Stabilizing Rail to adjacent bolt, using Bushing and proper sized nut (not included)

Step 2) Attach the 3/32 Drill Guide secure tightly over the broken bolt use your drill bit to create a pilot hole through the broken bolt. 

Step 3) Use the 5/32 Drill Guide and drill bit to expand the guide hole.

Step 4) Use the 1/8 Drill Guide and drill bit to expand the guide hole to fit the extractor bit.

Step 5) Use an easy out extractor along with a ratchet wrench to remove broken bolt.